Ever since I can remember, airports have had a very special impact on my feelings, my emotions and my frame of mind. It evokes a special emotional power from people: tears, laughter, sadness and happiness all in one place. I have felt this extremity of emotions at airports myself… to feel anxious or concerned, to cry, to feel relief, the thrill of anticipation and the strongest of all feelings… fortune.

Isn’t it magical, how a location can bring about such emotional extremes?

From travelling and moving around the world within the past few years, airports have developed from random ports and pivots to my personal sanctuaries of peace and tranquility. I mostly travel around on my own – and I enjoy it. It is during this time that I can start to meditate, to become completely self-contained and disconnected from the rest of the world but yet connected at the same time. Coming to the gate early and focusing on what is lying ahead or recalling the past chapter of my life is always a melancholic moment. It is about letting go and opening yourself to what lies ahead… reflecting on what you were privileged to experience and preparing for what you are about to experience.

Today’s lifestyle is fast moving. But moving forward is only possible if you can reflect what you are leaving behind. As loud and aggressive as today’s world is, each of us needs to find their own personal anchor. For me, there is only one place that materializes those magical vibes. Despite its hectic, stressful and anonymous persona, I have found my personal anchor in airports.


by FEE


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