Saying goodbye is one of the things I am truly bad at. I hate saying goodbye. Every time I started settling down somewhere, I had to pack my bags. Even though it has always been my decision to move on, I never managed to like the part of saying goodbye – to people, places and memories.

I noticed, that saying goodbye is not one of our generation’s strengths. But why are we not able to see the benefits of saying goodbye?

Moving around and travelling a lot obviously contains leaving places. Leaving a place behind and actually leaving people you care about means that you managed to build something up. It means that we are not careless or selfish.

Isn´t it a good sign, that saying goodbye is never easy?

A goodbye is always about moving on, taking another step ahead. And isn´t that exactly what we are all looking for? We don´t want to stand still in life. We are all pursuing happiness, joy, excitement and movement. The world is fast moving, and so are we. And that includes saying goodbye.

A goodbye means letting go. I guess seeing the benefits of saying goodbye is about trusting in fate and believing in the beauty of life. And it is about oneself. If one door closes, another will open up. But if you are still standing in front of the closed door and think about what you are leaving behind, you will not be able to find the door, which perhaps will open up for you in future. You have to be able to let go, to be able to open up to what lies ahead. Recalling the past will always hold you back from experiencing what life has prepared for you.

If you have opened your heart to something and embraced it, you are only leaving the persona of it behind. And: whatever you have once included into your heart, will always be part of it. You will take it with you, wherever you go.

So free yourself and dare to say goodbye.

This is something, which is still need to learn by myself.

by FEE


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