I am waking up, realizing that I am way too late for work. How could that happen? Why did my alarm not…? Oh, right. I am not having my phone. Forgotten in Barcelona during my last trip.

Of necessity, I am having to start the project “medial detoxification”.

After running to the station, I find myself in one of the seats in my train to work. Normally, this is the moment to check my mails, Whats App, Instagram and Facebook. I want to write my colleagues to tell them, I am running late. But there’s no way. The only thing I can do is to start to observe the other people in the train. Of course, pretty much all of the people among my age are playing with their phones. I start wondering about how much dependent we are on those little electronical devices. We are always being accessible, always online, always up to date. How could the people once survive without them?

I am starting to weigh up how much time a day I spend online. The result is alarmingly. At daytime I am working on my laptop, my cellphone is my most faithful companion. The same in the evening. Even when I am reading a book, my phone is lying next to me. I can rarely find a moment where I am shutting off, except when I am strolling around without battery.

After some days, I really started to enjoy my life without my phone. Of course, there were many situations in which I found myself lost without it but I am still alive, so it couldn’t have been too bad. I have started to pay a lot more attention to my surroundings, to relax and to let the media world be the media world. Now I am having my phone back. And of course, I directly fell back to my old behavior pattern. With one exception: Every once in a while I am pointedly shutting off. I am taking time for myself. Just myself. Without excuses. And it feels good.

Have you ever thought about how much impact media does have on your life?




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