It all began with a little black notebook full of secret spots, I discovered during my stay in New York City. It all began with my curiosity to not only live in a city as an expat, but also discover it like a local. Combined with my enthusiasm for local food and different cultures, I always discovered cozy little eateries and hidden spots.

Now, 1 year later, there is a webpage with more than 100 restaurant & bar suggestions for 15 cities worldwide I run together with incredible and inspiring people.

Today, exactly one year ago, the first post, a restaurant recommendation for New York City, went online. From being my hobby, the Blog grew into a project I run together with an amazing crew. We all share the same desires, fears and dreams, but everyone expresses them in a very personal way. It has always been our aim to create something together, and we did.

EATDRINLOVEPASSION is our very own little creative space.


I make decisions intuitive and without hesitating, this is also how I decided to start blogging. I never thought about how the Blog could possibly develop when starting it 1 year ago. Today, I look back on a year full of excitement. I look back on a year of improvement and development. And I look back on a year of working together with the most amazing, creative, admirable and adorable bunch of people.

Massive shout out to:


my main Co-Blogger and one of the most amazing writers I know. It has doubles been the best decision – for the Blog and for me personally – to make you my Co-Blogger.


you are probably the one who understands my thoughts and my writing best, your feedback means the world to me. You are utmost talented and I cannot wait to see what path you decide to take. You will go big. Whatever you do.


living together and sharing our own “creative space” puts work to a new level of productivity. I admire you for your profound thoughts and your incredible strong will to achieve your dreams. With the power you have, you will move boundaries. Literally.

All the other GUEST BLOGGERS from different cities and fields of interest

JOHANNA and ALEX, with an admirable talent to catch moments and emotions threw a lens

DESI, who is an amazing writer with an unstoppable strive for constant improvement.

This is only the beginning, there is far more to come. STAY TUNED.





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