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This is my very personal contribution to all released articles emphasizing why one should or should not date a girl who travels.

The discussion about whether to date a girl who travels should not have a definitive answer. I trust dating a girl who travels is not something everyone is capable of. A girl who travels will have her very own rules and attitudes and will walk to the beat of her own drum. Therefore, whether to date a girl who travels or not should not be about highlighting her assets, but helping you understand what these kind of girls are like.

You should not try to settle her down or tame her. You should instead ask yourself if you are able to run with her. You have to be able to hold speed with a girl who travels, only then would you be able to understand her rules, manners and  behaviors. If you believe you are able to cope, you are the right person to date a girl who travels.

She will clearly tell you what she wants and what she needs. She is not into playing games. She will express herself and her emotions knowing that this is the ultimate way of being the strongest form of herself. She is not afraid of falling down nor standing back up – she is only afraid of missing chances and not taking opportunities. Life changes quickly, she trusts that fate can bring people together but also separate them completely.  Therefore she will take chances, but she will also be able to let go if something holds her back from pursuing happiness. That is what she truly strives for.

If a girl who travels falls for you, she falls for you. Uncompromisingly, truly and entirely. She knows that sharing life and experiences with someone else needs a lot so she chooses that persons wisely. She spends a lot of time on her own and she has started from scratch many times – she is a girl with a balanced soul and mind. She has learned to truly love herself first and therefore, she will always prefer being happy on her own over sharing life with someone who does not bring out the best in her.

She is accustomed to not having her family and closest confidants around, but she carries them with her in her heart, everywhere she goes. Therefore the assumption that girls who travel will leave the country and at once you is wrong. Far from eye, close to heart is what characterizes her mindset.

A girl who travels is simple and easy-going. She is not-at-all complicated. She is the girl who will continuously surprise you and inspire you with all her facets. She will make your world go round like no other. If you think girls who travel are restless, you have simply misread them. They just want to live life to the fullest and are willing to take chances. They know that excitement starts at the end of their comfort zone, but that does not characterize them as crazy.

So if you understand a girl who travels, you should be ready to bare your soul – because she will. You will have found someone who will admit to you all that she has: her mind, body and soul.

You will date someone who will be utterly and completely yours… truly and entirely.

by FEE

(special thanks to my girl BRIANA – far from eye, close to heart – I love and miss you)


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