“If you want to be happy – be!”

The more I was thinking about my happy moments, the more I was thinking about the subject happiness in general. The more pictures and happy moments I shared with you, the more people came and asked about this project, about what is my intention, my aim.

Well, I think we are all striving for happiness. But why should we all be looking for happiness somewhere in the future? Why do we try to measure happiness in comparison with others?

I think we should rather start looking at our current situation and start being confident with what we have got right now. Only if we are able to accept our current situation, we are able to feel joy. Only when all parts of our being fully embrace where we are right now, we can invariably be happy. Whenever we project our consciousness away from the present and seek happiness in another time, person or place, we leave joy behind.

But why is it so hard to cherish the things we have got?

In today’s competitive society it is on the agenda to compare ourselves with others. Sure, there will always be people who have already achieved things we want for our own future, so that envy arises. I think, envy is one of the biggest driver of our society and the only way to relieve this feeling is to derive good performance ourselves – allegedly.

We start making decisions on the basis of what we are expected, not on the basis of our free will. This behavior creates problems like stress, fear and injustice. We start resisting the present moment and start to create problems for ourselves. I think we should rather start to make decisions that bring us as close to joy as possible at the exact moment in which we do it, start to choose the direction that creates the most joy and happiness in our lives.

Only when we are joyful, our life will flow with lightness and ease. So forget about the future. Forget about others. Just go for whatever makes YOU happy. Now.



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