The first week of my „30 days of happiness“ is over. To be honest – I was a bit scared before I started the project. Would there really be a happy moment every day? So far, I can say: Yes, there are! It doesn’t matter how bad a day starts – there is always a situation that makes you smile. I even found myself struggling many times, which moment to choose as the happiest of a day.


The week started with incredibly amazing weather and yet again I realized how dependent my mood is on the weather. As soon as I can see the sun in the sky I forget about all the bad things and just start to be happy.


More and more friends start to work in steady jobs – and most of them have to stick to a strict dress code. I can only call myself happy that the field that I am working in allows me to wear whatever I feel most comfortable in.


My parents have been in Berlin for a visit. Since family is one of my most important things in life, having them around could have been my happy moment every day. It was simply amazing to spend time with them, go for nice dinner, enjoy amazing drinks and talk about anything and everything.


Even though I actually prefer hearty food, there is one café in Berlin, whose cakes absolutely blow my mind: Barcomi’s Deli. This saturday I couldn’t resist and munched an apple walnut caramel cake. (SOON UP ON THE BLOG!)


This friday when I came home from work I was absolutely exhausted. I went by my parents place where my mum was waiting for me with my favorite smoothie – the absolute energy booster.


I absolutely love open airs – I’d rather stay home on a Friday night for going on a festival the next day than to be spending my time in a dark club. I simply love to be outside the whole day, listen to good music and have a beer in nice company.


After a long week there is nothing better than a lazy evening on the couch with nice series – like Germanys next Topmodel. Yes, I am officially addicted to it!

The second week of my project just started today. I am really excited about what will follow the next days. STAY TUNED!




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