If someone ever asks me how I would describe Los Angeles, I am asking in return: How do you think it is? Palm trees, beautiful beaches, great weather and many celebrities, of course. I know that sounds pretty tacky, but honestly, that is exactly how it is…at first glance, at least. Once you take a peak behind the curtain and actually spend some time there, you find out just how much more there is to the City of Angels. There’s this interaction of the people living there, the happenings in the many separate parts of the city and, of course, the beauty of California, that gives you this certain quality of life, this feeling of being at the pulse of everything. Whenever I am in L.A., I think of a million reasons why I should extend my stay. But at the top of them, I just want one more perfect day.

Before you start a day in Los Angeles, you should know that there is traffic. A lot of traffic. Los Angeles is not a “walking city,” so there is no option but to drive by car. So, be aware that unless you start extremely early, you can probably just explore two to three different areas a day. I promise, though, this is the only downside you will find.

If you are planning a trip to L.A., you should stay at least a week to make sure you get an idea of the real city, all of the exciting and not-so-touristy areas: Silver Lake, Abbot Kinney, Malibu, West Hollywood, etc.

My perfect day in Los Angeles starts not earlier than noon for a great brunch at the most L.A. spot you will find: URTH CAFFE. I would visit the Santa Monica location, but if you choose the one in West Hollywood, you will become aware just HOW thoroughly L.A. it is as you sip your caffè latte and a Starline bus full of tourists passes by announcing it as a popular hangout for future and current Hollywood stars. Don’t let this bother you – after all, it doesn’t affect the taste of the all-organic cuisine. Get some great coffee, homemade lemonade or a delicious smoothie creation to accompany your sandwich and side salad, and you’ll be ready to officially start the day (tip: go with the curry chicken salad sandwich).

Right next to Santa Monica is Venice. This is home to one of my favorite areas in L.A. and the next stop: Abbot Kinney. It’s really just a very charming street with many little shops, but there’s something very special about it. This is the best alternative if you are tired of the big shopping malls in the U.S. and are looking for a more individual shopping experience. Stroll, go with the flow, stop by some stores, enjoy the weather and have an awesome cup of coffee at INTELLIGENTSIA if the one you had at Urth wasn’t enough.

For the next stop, I hope you have a pair of running shoes in your car. Hiking is the most popular “sports” trend in L.A. next to yoga, which you will understand once you see the views you have over the city from one of its best hiking spots: Runyon Canyon Park. This is one of those very popular (but rightfully so) hiking trails you shouldn’t miss. Since you are in the Hollywood area now, stop by ELDERBERRIES (soon on the Blog) on Sunset for a great smoothie for refreshment before or after your hike. If you are not afraid of German “Grünkohl,” try out an oh-so-trendy and very healthy kale mixture.

Now, it’s time for dinner. If you think you have had the best burger in your life, think again if you’ve never been to FATHER´S OFFICE. Seriously. Don’t be surprised when you drive back to Santa Monica and find a normal looking pub on Montana Ave. This is it: your burger heaven. You will only find one on the menu, but there isn’t more you could ask for. With it’s caramelized onions, unique cheeses and spread, fresh arugula and the soft roll it’s served on, it may not sound like much, but the combination is unmatched. Oh yeah, and you can choose between normal shoestring fries or sweet potato ones, both of which come with a special aioli. Enjoy!

It’s time for the last stop of the day, which you will also find in the Santa Monica area: THE BUNGALOW (soon on the Blog). Grab a drink with your friends at the outside seating area at this very chill location with fairy lights immediately on Ocean Ave. Relax, feel the California breeze on your skin and start planning your next perfect day in Los Angeles, because there is so much more to see.


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