by FEE

HK ich

Hong Kong – one of the sparkling megacities of Asia, which I called “home” for 6 months. Falling in love with this impressive city took me – being honest – a few weeks. Hong Kong is not only sparkling, inspiring and beautiful, it can also be rough, harsh and uncompromising. I guess it is similar with every megacity in Asia, coming there, as a European who´s intention is to dive into the culture and city. Asia is different. Asians are different. And it will take effort and time to cope with the culture, if you truly strive for experiencing it.

But by the time, Hong Kong captured my heart, I knew this love would be ever lasting.

My perfect day starts with opening the curtains and letting the sun falling through the window right into my face. That´s Hong Kong´s way of saying “good morning”, how can you not love this city?

Coffee and Eggs Benedict at BRUNCH CLUB SUPPER in Soho should be the first place to go to to start a perfect day in Hong Kong. Make sure you manage to get a table outside in the small garden area. Places like this do not exist much in Hong Kong, and you will quickly esteem the peacefulness of it.

Walk down Elgin or Staunton street and enjoy the beautiful little alleys around Soho and Mid Levels district. Hop on the Escalator, which takes you far up the hills. With every stop you will leave the restlessness of the city more and more behind and dive into the beauty of Hong Kong.

An area I discovered only at the end of my time in Hong Kong is a tiny little area in Wan Chai district, around Sun and Moon street. Lovely coffee shops, little stores and an inspiring creative vibe. Make sure you don´t forget the time while hanging out in this impulsive district, Hong Kong has more to offer for you! Stop by ODD ONE OUT, and art boutique, coffee bar and artist agency. It is that kind of place that gives you the feeling of having coffee at a friends place.

Take the tram from Wan Chai to Sheung Wan. Sheung Wan is my uncontested favorite area around Hong Kong Island and the area I moved to after living in busy and exhausting Causeway Bay for 3 weeks. Sheung Wan is the up-and-coming district with so much to offer. I could spend all day every day just wandering around taking everything in. I love the alleys around Thai Ping Shan Street. Stop by TEAKHA for a tea and cake. Stroll around and check out some of the various galleries and art boutiques.

Wrap up your perfect day at CHA CHA WAN and enjoy some mouth-watering Thai food. It is that kind of place where can discover the true vibe of the city.

If you still haven´t had enough – end your night with a drink at BRICKHOUSE – if you manage to find the right hidden dark side alley, which leads you there…


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