“We weave in and out of consciousness alone, ‘til our bodies collide and keep us from getting cold”

Since putting out his debut EP, The Wheel, in November 2012, I have been consistently keeping up with S O H N’s moves. Now that he put out his debut album, Tremors, on April 7, I feel like this is the right time to introduce him and his music to you. If you like James Blake – I mean, who doesn’t? – chances are you will also become a fan of this London-born, Vienna-based producer/singer/songwriter who has a penchant for making dreamy electro-soul soundscapes.

A few months after releasing his first official song in 2012, Christopher Taylor, a.k.a. S O H N, got signed by one of the most buzzworthy indie labels out there: 4AD. With an artist roster that includes the likes of Daughter and Grimes, S O H N is in good hands. He obviously proved his talent to the label with his original releases, but he’s also made a mark within with the music community over the past year-and-a-half via official remixes for Lana Del Rey, Disclosure and more, and his production on “Waiting Game” for the ever-so-hyped Banks.

Very conscious to not give any details of his private life and his person, there is no record of Taylor’s age to be found online. Instead, he earns popularity points by putting his music 100% in the focus and showing his dedication to his craft. However, he is not afraid to talk about the inspirations for his music. In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, he revealed the ideas behind the album tracks “The Wheel” and “Bloodflows”: “It’s sort of masochistic music listening – choosing to go into the darkness because you want to remember everything, even the bad stuff.”

Taylor wanted to quit his old life when he started as S O H N. The myth about his person isn’t just a good PR strategy, but actually a personal decision because the musician doesn’t see any connection between his past and his being as an artist now. Naturally, though, artistic evolution is shaped by memories, experiences and lessons learned. He’s stated that his songs are autobiographical, so every time I listen to his lyrics, I feel like I’m finding out what made him become the artist that he is now.

“Light, Dark, Space.” This is how S O H N has explained his signature sound. Listening to Tremors, it is not hard to figure out the meaning behind this statement: the production is minimalistic with big highs and lows, the lyrics are poignant, and his distinct tenor can make you feel happy and sad at the same time. I’ve worked my way through the 11-track record a few times, but my favorite song is still the first one I ever heard from the very talented Taylor when it was released back in fall 2012. Listen to “The Wheel” and see if you agree.

Stay tuned for future happenings.



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