Imagine walking through a supermarket back in the days. You would rarely have had the choice between a product provided by several companies, because there were probably just one or two companies who offered the same product. Walking nowadays through a supermarket means choosing between a lot of products provided by different companies. You need to choose to take either the raspberry marmalade from company A or from several other companies.

One word comes to mind: decisions

A word, which you face every single day. Of course today we have the possibility to make choices. But isn’t it sacrificing how much time in life you waste because of having difficulty deciding which path you want to take? The ocean of possibilities seems to be endless.

Let’s pretend you made a decision and it turns out it didn’t work out well, no matter if it’s a journey, studying or a job. It was not wrong for you personally at the time you made this decision. It can be wrong from the perspectives of others, but for you personally, it was at that time the right decision.

It’s todays society who says you have failed, if you don’t do so well.

But let`s face it: How can you say you’ve failed when making a wrong/bad decision? After all, you have simply experienced a decision that was not as fulfilling as you thought, but it cannot have been totally wrong because you obviously needed to go through this experience in order to learn something important.

Something that others may have seen but was invisible to you. Now its clear and it helps you to reach your personal goal in life

However, if you are too afraid of making your first decision- how will you ever make it to the end, which certainly is unknown yet?

It doesn’t really matter if you turn left or right, because life is not about which decisions you make, it’s about what you learn from them. They either bring you immediately to your goal, or it takes you a bit longer.

So the issue which we nowadays struggle with, isn’t about whether it’s wrong or right, it’s rather about the ability to not dissipate in this endless ocean of possibilities and making decisions without being afraid of the result.

So dare to make a decision and face the risk of taking the wrong path. Because a wrong decision is above all, a lesson in life. And those lessons are the ones that will make you grow personally more than anything else.



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