I knew this day would come. Since I arrived in New York I knew that I would have to leave again. During the past five weeks I tried to not think about the day of departure too much, even though it has always been present in my thoughts. Tomorrow is the day of saying goodbye and leaving the city I love so much.

The last day in New York has begun and I have the same feeling I had two years ago when I had to leave. It is like a heartbreak. I am sitting in front of my suitcase and my heart refuses to pack my bags. My heart refuses to leave. Saying goodbye. Again. I hate it.

New York has been my happy place since I have lived here for the first time two years ago. It has since then been my home away from home. One belongs to the city as much in five minutes as in five years*. The city has this incomparable special vibe. I could walk around the streets all day every day, inhaling the vibe of the people, the art and the architecture. Every time you wake up in New York, you kind of wake up in a different city. A day in the streets of the city will do to fill a book, if you dive into the culture and let the city take you. There is always something new, something exciting, something different going on. You never know what to expect at the next blocks corner. There is something in the air of the city, besides it´s dirt, that makes it so special.

But however much I refuse to leave, however much I hate packing my bags and saying goodbye, I know I will be back. You have to leave to return. And isn’t it wonderful, to have more then one place around the world you can call home?

New York, I love you. Thanks for being one of my homes away from home. I am leaving you for going back to another home away from home – Berlin. Home is a place you will always return to. And that will always be there for you, however long it takes you to return.

See you soon, beloved NYC.

by FEE

*Tom Wolfe


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