OK. Let´s face it. Online-Dating.

Probably one of the hottest topics these days. I can hardly name any magazine/ blog that has not participated in the online dating discussion. Everybody “does it”. Even friends of mine that are in a relationship are part of an online-dating community. In fact, they nor want to date someone neither hook up, they rather want to socialize. (I don’t really get that reason but however).

I am using it myself. Started off with Tinder, then used Lovoo (similar to Tinder) for a Blog cooperation (read more about dating in Berlin, Madrid and Ibiza) and tried out Lovoo in different cities around Europe.

I have dated a skateboarder in Berlin, partied with a Spanish guy at DC10 in Ibiza, met a crazy hair-stylist from New York and a charming Parisian. I have been dating a hand-full guys. I tried to pick them wisely. I fell for some of them. And some of them fell for me. I dumbed some of them and I have been dumbed as well. Sometimes, after a few dates, a match turns out to be not as perfect as it seams at first. Sometimes it turns out to be even better than it seamed to be at first. Just like when meeting someone in real life.

You never know how things develop. The only difference online is that you – when you like someone who likes you back – know that there is a certain interest from both sides. You start off clear. And that´s what I like about online dating.

Out of the handful guys I met through online dating I saw every one again. More than once. I trust I would have not met any of them if not trough Tinder. But each and everyone became a shaper of my heart.

And I don’t want to miss any of these experiences.

While writing the last sentences of this article I receive a message “I cannot wait to see you soon”.

And I cannot wait either.

by FEE


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