Five weeks in the city. Yes, you got that right. Are you asking yourself, “How long?!?” while reading … You are not the only one. My father nailed the reaction of many friends by asking, “what do you girls even do for five weeks in New York City?”

Well, let me get straight to the point. New York is not only a city; it is a destination and a state of mind. Yes, I am going with all the clichés right now, but as simple as that, they are true. New York is the kind of city where you can refresh your mind from all sorrows and, more importantly, stretch your mind to new dimensions. It is the “no pressure feeling” that makes life so easy-going in America. Talking about my home country, everything you do is valued and judged by its success. There is no room for thinking big – the society criticizes everything that is outside the box as unrealistic or absurd. I am not saying that the German way of thinking is wrong or the American way of living the dream is right. At the end of the day I am German, with a rather risk-averse view on matters. However, speaking for myself, a change of scenery does well every once in a while. Going abroad also means looking at your life from a different perspective. It challenges you every day anew and it stretches your mind to new dimensions. New York is the city that gives you space to stretch your mind into every possible dimension.

That´s why I said to my dad: “You can never spend enough time in New York City.”

by FEE


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