Paris- Je t’adore!

It’s Friday night, and I am leaving the office with a big smile on my face. The weather is nice, and starting the weekend with a unique view of beautiful Paris from the Montparnasse Tower is always a good idea.

My perfect day in Paris starts on Saturday morning when I am on my way to the Metro, where strangers passing by actually say to you: >> Bonjour Madame << with smiles on their faces.

Ah Paris…

My first destination is Claus, a café established by a German, and located in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, not far from the Louvre. Here you will find probably the best breakfast in Paris, made with love and a passion for detail. A bit over-stuffed, as I couldn’t bear to leave anything on my plate, I’ll walk through the Galerie Véro-Dodat, which is a wonderful old passage, to the Louvre. If the weather is nice I won’t go inside, but if it’s a rainy day I’ll just walk through the Denon section, as entrance is free for Europeans aged under 26.

Then I’ll walk to my favorite quartier “le Marais”, passing “les Halles” as well as the George Pompidou Centre, where you can enjoy another impressive panoramic view of Paris. I wouldn’t recommend going up there on the weekends though, as the line is way too long. When I reach the 4e (Arrondissement) I’ll wander through the narrow streets, which are filled with little boutiques. The street scene presents me with amazing old buildings with flowers on the balconies and colorful doors whose color near the bottom is beginning to fade.… Oh Paris, why on earth are you so charming?

After all this walking it`s time to have a rest. Luckily, Place des Vosges is right around the corner. Unfortunately in summertime it’s a bit overcrowded, but during springtime it is quite peaceful. Go there once and you’ll understand. After sitting down for a while I realize that I am pretty hungry. As it is already after lunchtime, the line for grabbing a falafel isn’t too bad on Rue des Roisiers.

If you prefer to sit down to eat, you should go to L’être Ange. I love it there.

Now it’s time to enter le Marais, with its beautiful corners and artists’ homes! Open your eyes and you will see beautiful street art on most of the walls. I sit down for a coffee in Café Merci, which is located in the Marais Nord. While enjoying my coffee I am sitting in a comfy room, surrounded by 10,000 books, and I try to imagine how many printed letters might be in this room.

It`s time to head over to the other side of the Seine, to les Jardin du Luxembourg. Most tourists will be gone by now, and you’ll find the silence you are looking for after a day full of walking and eating. There are plenty of green metal chairs all around, so you’ll find a place to sit and have a nice talk with good friends. I prefer to sit in front of the Palais du Luxembourg and watch the last rays of sun shining on this old building, with all the colorful flowers in front of it.

The sun is down, and a little wind makes me want to go and get myself ready for dinner.

Mama Shelters is the place I’d go, as I love the cozy, creative atmosphere there. You can choose to eat in their pizzeria or in the restaurant. The food is delicious either way.

It only took me a day of walking through the quarters of Paris to fall in love with its architecture and atmosphere.

How long will it take you?



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