Thinking about my girl simply makes me smile. I first met her some years ago in Dublin. I still remember how she introduced herself. With an honest and easy smile. Hi, I’m Fee. Since that moment she has always been close to me – even when we were in different time zones and stages of life.

So, who is she?

One of her personal characteristics that fascinate me most is the way how she is telling stories. Rousing, vivid, funny. Even if I hear a story several times, she catches me again and again. She is full of energy, joy, strength. She’s a self-confident woman, knows what she wants and goes her own way. She always burns for what she is doing. Without hesitating I can say that she inspires me every day anew. And I am pretty sure that she will achieve all of the goals she set for herself.

As strong as she is, as soft she can be and you can have long and profound talks with her. If you can count yourself to her friends, you can simply call yourself lucky. She cares for you, is truly interested in your life and values your opinion. She has got the ability to take away any sorrow and puts happiness in its place. With her, I can share laughs, cries and everything in between. She never gets mad when you don’t call her for days because you are being busy sorting out some things. But she is always right there to pick you up when things predictably shattered.

Today I can say that Fee counts among one of the closest persons in my life. And even though time will separate us again and again I know that she will always be there. I guess this is my way of saying thank you, Fee. Thank you for catching me when I fall. Thank you for always being there when I need you. Thank you for being you. And especially: Thank you for letting me be me.



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