You got me. Again. Every time I see you I am falling for you. And again I am wondering how this could happen. When I am with you, all I can do is smile. When I am lying in your arms, it feels like nothing else matters. When you touch me, it simply feels right – even though I know it’s not good; know you’re not good for me.

Many times I have been wondering why we tend to fall for people we obviously shouldn’t.

Love is actually supposed to be this uber-intense emotion that leads to throbbing feelings of happiness, moments of unforgettable togetherness, ease. Unfortunately it often comes along with worries, uncertainty, and pain. Still – we just can’t give up on this person because we start to build up a world in our heads in which everything is as it should be. Persuade ourselves, that everything is alright. That we can work it out.

I think we all want to write our perfect story of life, but sometimes we just have to learn it the hard way – some chapters just don ́t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Sometimes you just have to accept what you cannot change and find the courage to let go and free yourself. We are all striving for safety and confidence. But instead of finding real happiness we hold on to something that we pretend to keep us safe. Letting go has never been easy – but holding on can be even more difficult and painful. I think, what holds us back is the fact that we are afraid of saying goodbye and therefore of creating a space we don’t know how to fill.

But the more we accept to let go, the more we can let in the mystery of life and get the opportunity to gain something new. Something better. Something, we have maybe been longing for since a long time but didn’t find due to our lack of courage to change. Something, that is able to fill the space in a way you could have never imagined.

Sometimes it is just time to say goodbye. Say goodbye to the dust of your past and say hello to a new adventure. It doesn’t only mean to leave something behind – it rather means the beginning of a new chapter.

Are you ready?



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