I miss people, places and situations. There are so many things I miss. Don´t you miss something or someone yourself? But what do we mean when we say that we miss something or someone?

As picked out as a theme in one of my articles called “the perks of change”, missing something is directly linked to not having it in your life anymore. If you miss something, you have said goodbye to it at some point, either emotionally or geographically.

A lot of people put missing something equal to wishing back the past. Personally, I don’t think that this is the key element of missing something or someone. You can be complete and confident in your current situation but still miss something. If you miss something, you have positive memories and feelings about a place, a person or a situation. Thinking about it arouses a special feeling inside you, a feeling that embraces your heart.

Missing something or someone is therefore about missing the feeling a special place, person or situation evokes in you. It is about missing something that brought out something great in you. And because sometimes you might not have the same feeling when you return to that surrounding where you have felt that way, missing something is not necessarily about “wanting something back”. It is about reminding yourself about an extraordinary feeling when striving for happiness, because you have felt pure happiness and completeness within a certain situation, at a certain place or with a certain person. This place, person or situation has shown you how true and bare happiness and completeness feels.


This article is inspired by and therefore dedicated to W. 

I miss you.

by FEE


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