As time goes by, the third week of my project „30 days of happiness“ is over. Another week full of beautiful moments, new experiences and developments. The longer this project is running, the more I do learn about myself, about what makes me happy. It keeps me way more in tune with my present and helps me to focus on the things that brighten up my day. So far I can say that it really helped me form an even more positive outlook on life.


I simply love fresh fruits. Especially the ones you get in summer – strawberries, blueberries, cherries, melons, …


In my opinion, you get the best Americano at Starbucks. Unfortunately, I am mostly in a rush on my way to work so that I pretty much never have enough time to get myself one. This morning I was exceptionally really early and managed to buy one to enjoy it on my way to work. Perfect start in the day!


I can’t tell how proud I am how positive eatdrinklovepassion is developing since it was founded. The growth is enormous and there are so many amazing new projects and challenges waiting for us!


We spent lunch break at one of my favourite Vietnamese places in Berlin (SOON ON THE BLOG!) which is just around the corner from where I work.


Another fruity addiction – smoothies! This morning I prepared this little vitamin bomb for the commune. (This is how we call our flat, cause there are always so many friends staying over and hanging out) I could really have that every day.


This morning, Katrin made blueberry pancakes for the commune. The American way of breakfast!


I finally booked my next flight to Barcelona for June. I really cannot wait to go back to one of my favorite cities in Europe and see so many beloved people again.

The last week of my projects just started and I am really excited what it will bring.





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