Yet again, an exciting week full of happy moments is over. Here are my favorite shots:


My week started with a feedback conversation with my bosses. In my opinion, it is always important to get positive as well as constructive feedback for your work. On the one hand, it can be absolutely motivating and on the other hand it is the best way to improve and develop.


The next day I took a long ride with the underground after work. When I stepped out of the train station I realized that is has started raining and therefore to start smelling like summer rain. I absolutely love this scent!


I went to see the new apartment of my two girls Fee & Katrin. How can’t you be happy if you see your friends being incredibly happy? Oh, and of course I am super excited because I am moving In together with them for the next time as well.


Well, I don’t think that any more words are needed. This moment was simply amazing. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


The best and most simple thing to eat when you come home at night, hungry and dizzy from a few drinks: Ramen!


This weekend was time for moving. Well – if somebody ever says again women wouldn’t be good with their hands is a liar. WE FUCKING MADE IT!


Today, my girl Fee gave me this cute purse as well as this cute lucky charm. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU!

Week three, I am ready for you!!! Stay tuned for my next happy moments.




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