Bartender at THE PARLOUR, FRANKFRUT/M – ranked #18 of best bars of the world

I quit School 11th grade as one of the worst students of the year and started my restaurant apprenticeship graduating as one of the best. A love was born. Working for more than 10 years in the Bar & Hotel industry by now, I’ve seen naked people opening hotel rooms, drunk captains on cruiseships, rockstars giving private concerts at 4 am in a closed bar and couples getting engaged. It’s a crazy job but so am I and I’m glad because the job allows me to be who I truly am – wicked, sophisticated, foolish, ambitious, determined, agitated and sarcastic (not necessarily all at the same time).

Fee has been “In bed with MAXIM” and tried to discover the true colours of his soul for you.


 What inspires you?

            It’s hard to name one specific thing because it could be everything that surrounds me. Mostly interesting people and music but it could be anything else, like a picture, a meal or a situation.

What characteristic attribute do you value most?

            Optimism I guess. It truly quickens me to another level of faith and strength

What are you bad at?

            Numbers and names. Tell me your name and I swear I’ll have forgotten it before you have even finished saying it.

What do you strive for?

Peace of mind / constant improvement.

I’m always looking up to the people who are best in their craft and try to catch up with them.

Describe yourself in 1 word!


Most peaceful place you have ever been to?

            No special place, anywhere I’ve had a moment of peace and contemplation. But if I have to name a certain place, it would be my bed!!

What do you consider home?

            It’s maybe cheesy but home is where I’m surrounded by friends and where I feel comfortable, what I never did where I grew up.

Where do you get adrenalin rushes from?

            Mostly from things that scare me, which often turn out to be pretty fun though. And from good and loud music.

What’s your favourite Song?

Jimi Hendrix – all along the Watchtower


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