How does freedom dress?

“cloth” is a video art piece intended to start an inter/intracultural conversation about women, identity, restriction, agency, freedom, and (mis)perceptions thereof. There is a current dichotomy—in both academia and popular media—between the “empowered” and “liberated” Western woman, and the “oppressed” veiled woman, as the veil has become “to Western eyes” (Leila Ahmed—Women and Gender in Islam, 1992) a symbol of the oppression of women.

This is both a political and social problem as this dichotomy limits the possibility of a genuine understanding and dialogue about women, between women of different cultural backgrounds (Chandra Mohanty—Under Western Eyes, 1988).

Our talented and inspiring friend SAMIRA is one of the creators, directors and actresses.

Watch the video below and check out HUFFINGTON POST´S review here.

c l o t h from Jacqui Sze on Vimeo.


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