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The best indie music within Europe comes from Scandinavia. Don’t you think? Agree or not, it is currently proven best by Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted, going by MØ. MØ’s thoughts about her artist name also reveal some of the inspirations behind her songs: “It was this crunk rap, very attitudey thing, I was swearing a lot! That’s why I came up with the name MØ, because in Danish that means a virgin, so it was ironic. But I chose to stay with the name, because now it’s this whole thing about being a virgin to life, and young and naive and restless and bored with youth.”

Planning on writing about MØ shortly after she put out her debut album ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ on March 10, I thought I could provide you with a real insider find. However, quickly after releasing THE pop smash on her record “Don’t Wanna Dance”, the singer blew up. She just cracked 100,000 likes on Facebook and her showcases at SXSW last week – an annual music festival in Austin, Texas for upcoming artists – were a big push for her without a doubt.

Electronic Indie Pop with influences of Hip-Hop and Soul – MØ is hopping on the trend of mixing a variety of genres together to create a unique sound. Setting contrasts is not only what makes MØ’s sound special, but also what the artist wants for her song themes: going from youthful and emotional tracks over to aggressiveness, which she feels toward such things as over-expectations from society.

Still blown away about how her life has changed and appreciating everything of it – especially the travelling, of course – you feel like MØ could be your next best friend: laid-back, down-to-earth and very focused. Being aware of the tough industry she has gotten herself into, the singer doesn’t seem to take anything for granted and is constantly trying to improve her music.

You can experience this Danish coolness by purchasing the 20-track deluxe version of MØ’s debut album on iTunes. Two facts about the record without giving anything away: first, it is mainly produced by Ronni Vindahl, who also plays guitar in the band, and second, the only feature is on track 9 with twerking initiator Diplo. Definitely stay tuned for this artist and keep your fingers crossed that ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ is just the beginning of MØ’s career. Now, go ahead and stream my personal favorite from the record below.






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