founder and blogger of EATDRINKLOVEPASSION

A hotel-industry background, a degree in Communications & Marketing, perpetual wanderlust, and unstoppable curiosity: FEE is the founder of EATDRINKLOVEPASSION. Since May 2013 she recommends restaurants and bars in more than 10 cities around the globe on her Blog – having been to every spot shows her personal contribution and passion.

Luisa has been “in bed with FEE” and tried to discover the true colors of her soul for you.

What made you start the Blog?

Actually my good friend Nessi made me start the Blog. I had a list for every city I have lived in or been to with different recommendations, mostly restaurants and bars. After sending them out to a good few people who asked for it and receiving great feedback about the recommendations, Nessi convinced me to publish my tips from all around the globe somehow. A few weeks later, EATDRINKLOVEPASSION was born and is constantly growing since that point.

Where does the name come from?

I would love to answer this question with a fancy & crazy story, but simple as that, it has been a spontaneous idea. EAT and DRINK obviously relate to the cope of the Blog. I decided to put together a few short and strong words for the name – I came up with LOVE and PASSION because those 2 words are what describe me and my life best, I guess.

What inspires you?

My best friends – including my 2 sisters – who are all incredibly brave and strong women with big hearts. They all strive for happiness in very different and unique ways. Having them on my side and having seen them growing into what they are today inspires me. I truly respect all of them, they have beautiful souls.

What characteristic attribute do you value most?

RESPECT. I trust all other important characteristics concomitant with respect. If you truly respect someone, you are honest, faithful, loyal. 

What are you bad at?

Unfortunately I am the worst singer on the planet (proven by a friend, who is a musician). And I am bad at saying goodbye, if the goodbye is forever. 

When was the last time you cried?

Tears of joy: Only a few weeks ago, when my article “CAN YOU READ THE SOUL OF A GIRL WHO TRAVELS” hit rank 4 of the most popular blog posts of the day in Germany. The feedback was overwhelming; I guess I nailed the feelings of many girls out there somehow. This article means the world to me because it is very personal, you could call it “how to read Fee´s soul” I guess. And it is great to get such feedback if you contribute something very personal. Going on dates since then is actually weird though, a guy said lately “that article makes me like you even more, I truly know what you are like now” – cover blown.

What do you consider home?

I consider home not to be bound to a specific place. Home is a feeling for me, which you can have all around the globe and in many different ways. I felt “home” in so many different ways. Of course, you have the feeling of being at “home” if you have your family and closest confidants around you. However, when I was in Hong Kong, packing my bags to go back to Germany, I had my 2 best friends, Julia and Dominik, helping me. That moment I truly felt “leaving home”, even though I only knew them and the city for 4 months – I trust this is pure freedom, if you are able to feel home anywhere.


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